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Dallas coil cradle lines can be an excellent choice for safely running thick material.  Depending on the style of system, the feed line footprint can also be quite compact.  Cradle lines range from 4,000 to 50,000 lbs. capacity and in widths up to 84” wide.  Heavy gage and high strength material can be run in these type of lines successfully. Equipped properly, these systems can be used in blanking, progressive die, even transfer applications for standard finish (non-cosmetic) materials.  Note some of the ways cradle lines can be configured below.

Cradle with Overhead Deflector – this is a common configuration for a cradle line.  The coil is driven via the cradle nest rolls and a pinch roll assembly up the overhead deflector where the loop is stored.  The material travels down the chute to a servo feed with pull thru straightener for an effective and compact, heavy gage feed line. Alternatively, a powered straightener may replace the pinch roll in the cradle base if desired.  Numerous options can be added to help safely process thick materials.

Xtreme-Duty Cradle/Straightener/Feeder – This design is ideal for running very thick material in the smallest footprint. The cradle, straightener and feeder are all combined into one machine utilizing either a single or dual servo drive for accurate feed positioning.  Adding the pilot release option to the upper straightener rolls can increase flexibility of the system in both blanking and progressive (piloted) die applications.

Cradle/Straightener Combo – This design combines the cradle and powered straightener into a single piece.  The material is decoiled from the top and is driven into a slack loop in front of the straightener.  A servo feed can be cabinet or press mounted to complete the feed line.  Optional “hands-free” threading devices can be added to optimize operator safety.
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