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Solid Frame Crank Servo Press (SD2 Series) features the latest version of servo motor technology, high rigidity frame will decrease deflection, and will increase quality. User friendly control system that offers full control over the stroke profile to allow metal stamping that can’t be done on conventional mechanical presses

SD2 SERIES includes 176-550 Ton Presses
  • Main motor, flywheel, clutch and brake are replaced with a High Torque-Low RPM Servo motor.
  • Direct Drive eliminates down-gearing, loss of tonnage (especially high in the stroke), belts and other parts typically associated with knuckle or link-type servo presses.
  • Unique Servo Pressure Stabilizer system eliminates power surges and conserves energy through a series of capacitors that equalize power consumption and store unused energy.
  • Advanced high strength ribbed frame structure enables the hold of tight tolerances under longer dwells without stretching/elongating the frame
  • Eight point gib slide guiding for improved accuracy and precision
  • Electronic Overload Protection allows for immediate reaction - with automatic, programmable ram back-up
  • 10.4" High Resolution Color Display
  • 7 Programmed Profiles + Freeform Motion
  • 200 Job memory storage
  • 8 Die protection sensor inputs
  • 16 Programmable timing switches
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