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C Frame Crank Press (SN Series) is a single point gap frame press with fabricated steel frame, cast slide and bolster. It is designed for either automatic or hand-fed general stamping applications such as blanking, piercing, forming, drawing, bending, etc.

The SN1 SERIES of Cross Shaft Precision Presses include 28-275 TON Presses
  • High torque, low noise wet clutch/brake unit
  • Rigid, fabricated steel frame with minimal deflection
  • High accuracy transmission gears and extra rigid crankshaft ensure long press life and greater accuracy
  • Forced lubrication system with fault monitor ensures operational reliability
  • Wintriss WPC 2000 Clutch/Brake Control. User-friendly electrical control system allows for easy integration of accessories
  • Variable frequency drive is more energy efficient and saves up to 30% on electricity demand
  • Designed and built to meet or exceed CNS 1st standards
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