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Solid Frame Crank Press (SNS2 Series) is a two point, straight side press with a fabricated, unitized frame designed to offer an optimized solution for minimal deflection to achieve high precision stamping. The compact, solid frame design allows the press to fit into most facilities with low ceilings.

SNS2 SERIES of Straight Side, Double Crank Presses include 176-550 Ton Presses

  • Symmetrical front-rear column structure design minimizes deflection and is most suitable for precision progressive die applications
  • Compact press design can fit into most facilities with low ceilings and bed design features scrap openings & reserved space for a conveyor under the bed
  • Patented high torque wet clutch/brake system provides low noise and long life operation with minimal maintenance
  • Variable frequency drive is more energy efficient and saves up to 30% on electricity demand
  • Wintriss WPC 2000 Clutch/Brake Control. User friendly, multi-function control system allows for easy integration of auxiliary equipment + automation
  • Designed and built to meet or exceed CNS 1st standards
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