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Is floor space a concern? Then SpaceSaver may be the solution. We have three varieties. BackLoop SpaceSaver. UnderLoop SpaceSaver and LoopSelect SpaceSaver. They are available in coil weights from 10,000 to 60,000 lb. and widths from 12 in. to 72 in. Any SpaceSaver system can be equipped with SyncLoop™ to enhance the loop control.

BackLoop SpaceSaver™ feed lines can have a footprint as short as 20’. Featuring servo feeds with pull-thru straighteners and heavy-duty drives, BackLoop SpaceSaver™ has the power to handle materials up to 1/2” thick safely while maintaining accurate feed tolerances. These lines feature a peeler/threader/debender with coil restrictor providing hands-free threading of material from coil to press.

UnderLoop SpaceSaver™ feed lines can have a footprint as short as 15’. These lines feature servo feeds with piloting pull-thru straighteners making them ideal for progressive die applications. The loop is developed directly under the coil reel to conserve space. The line has a common base that ties all the equipment together for easy setup and installation. UnderLoop SpaceSaver™ systems are available in single and double reel configurations, with or without load car.

Our most flexible option is our LoopSelect SpaceSaver.™ This design features a selectable loop control. Front loop mode allows processing of light-gauge material at long feed lengths and higher speeds. Back loop mode allows processing of heavygauge materials by allowing a clock-spring loop to form beneath the coil.
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